Help Exploited Girls in Ethiopia

Watch the video about sexually exploited girls in Ethiopia. Thousands of girls as young as 14 years old are lured with promises of good-paying jobs into the city of Addis Ababa from rural parts of the country, only to find out that the job involves prostitution of the worst kind. Listen to the interviews of some of these girls.

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Ethiopia’s Bana Tribe Inspires 2015 Fashion

The Daily Mail reports that a new trend sweeping through in some areas of Japan was inspired by the way The Bana Tribe in the Omo Valley adorn themselves with colorful hair clips, beaded headbands, and heavy metal necklaces. Apparently, the Japanese adopted this fashion after Dolce & Gobbana designed colorful hair accessories and included them in a fashion show in which models adorned with the colorful accessories were walking down the catwalk. The designers indicated that their colorful hair accessories were inspired by The Bana Tribe in Ethiopia. The Bana wear colorful hair clips and beads to look as bright and cheerful as possible. They do not have high-end stores they can drop by to pick up the next fashion item. They have to create their own from colorful items found in the village using their imagination and creativity. Would this touch off a new fashion trend in the rest of the world as it did in Japan? We can only wait and see what the year 2015 will bring.