New Expressway – Addis to Nazareth


Expressway 1 Expressway 3 Imagine getting up in the morning in Addis and driving south to Debrezeit and arriving there within 15 to 20 minutes. All the while taking in the fresh breeze of the countryside with rolling green hills around you. That is what the new expressway from Addis Ababa to Nazareth will offer motorists who are willing to cough up the money to pay for using the toll road. Yes, you will have to pay to drive on the new expressway. But don’t worry, you will find the experience worth all the pennies. Just think of the alternative, driving on Kaliti road with traffic, and those dreadful white mini-buses, speeding right at you on the wrong side of the road. Not to mention cars, buses, and big trucks clogging the narrow cracked road for what seems to be eternity.

Work on the expressway is complete from Akaki to Nazareth. About 25 kms of road connecting Akaki to Addis still needs completion. During a test drive from Akaki to Debrezeit, I took many pictures and posted some of them here just to arouse you driving senses. After that crawling traffic in Addis, getting out of town should be a breeze. Goodbye to getting stuck in traffic crazy Addis. Welcome to spending weekends in Debrezeit, a short distance away right off of the expressway are several hangout resorts – Kuriftu, Adulala, and others.

The expressway boasts three south bound lanes and three north bound lanes, separated by a median made of cast iron. It has exits in Akaki, Dukem, Modjo, and two exits each in Debrezeit (north and south) and Nazareth (north and south).  At every exit you will drive through toll gates where you will have to dig down into your pocket and pay for the wonderful ride you just had. SEE MORE PICTURES OF THE EXPRESSWAY


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