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Rahab’s Hope is a non-profit organization established to rehabilitate young girls who have become victims of sexual exploitation and forced into a life of prostitution. They will be provided counseling, training, and financial support to help them establish small-scale, income-generating ventures.

Thousands of girls as young as 14 years old are lured with promises of good-paying jobs into the city of Addis Ababa from rural parts of Ethiopia, only to find out that the job involves prostitution of the worst kind. They are given tiny, dilapidated, shanty structures, measuring about 6 ft by 8 ft that can only accommodate one bed with a requirement to pay a monthly rent of up to 3000 Birr (about $155 USD) to the person who maintains the prostitution ring. In order to pay the rent the young girls are expected to entertain up to 20 to 24 clients in a 24 hour period. If they run behind and are unable to pay their rent they will be thrown out into the street in a city where they have no where to go.

Most of the young girls indicated small-scale trades they can establish with initial support for their investment. Rahab’s Hope is established to provide these girls with initial investment to enable them escape a life of misery and start a normal life on their own.

To assist in the rehabilitation of sexually exploited girls in Ethiopia, please donate to Rahab’s Hope at http://www.gofundme.com/RahabsHope
Like Rahab’s Hope on Facebook at www.facebook.com/rahabhope.
Contact us via email: hope.rahab@gmail.com or phone: +1 404 583 7735



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