Do not let your hearts be troubled – John 14: 1-4

Landing-page-spiritual1Our hearts and lives can be troubled because of circumstances and hardships around us.These may include problematic relationships, lack of money, illness, loss of loved ones, difficult people in our lives, troubled marriages, etc. Troubles abound as long as we are in this world. But the solution to a troubled heart is to trust in God and to trust in Jesus Christ. In the 14th chapter of the gospel of John, Jesus says to trust in Him because there are MANY ROOMS in my father’s house. God has a large house enough for any troubled soul, not built by human hands but by God Himself. He is urging you to trust Him because Jesus is preparing a room just for you, a room in God’s house, prepared personally by Him. We trust because Jesus will come back to take us. He is not sending an angel or any other messenger but He himself will come personally to take his bride home. The bride symbolizes the church, the gathering of believers who trust in Him, including you as long as you place your trust in Him.

We trust because when we die the Lord Jesus will take us to be WITH HIM forever, for eternity. Contrary to what some people believe humans do not just become nothing after they die. Their spirits will continue to live either in hell or in heaven. It is up to each person to choose as to where to spend eternity. To be in God’s presence for eternity is a privilege reserved to those who trust in Him. The solution for troubles on this earth is to lift your eyes up and set your mind on what Christ has done and prepared for you. Troubles may be with us for a while, but we trust in a God who is bigger than the problems, in a God who created the universe and the heavens and everything that is in them, seen or unseen. If you trust in Him, ask for his forgiveness, and approach Him in humility, God will forgive your sins and give you peace when you need it most. All this is free to you because Jesus Christ paid the ultimate price when he came down from heaven and paid the penaity of sin by dying on the cross to give you freedom.


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