Youth-in-the-bible-davidDavid started worshiping God with music as a teenager and experienced God’s power as a shepherd boy. He was a young teenager when he was first anointed king by Samuel (1 Sam16:13) and a young man of 20 years when he fought Goliath.  His decision to fight Goliath at a time when no one was courageous enough to face the giant saved the nation of Israel, his people, and king Saul from defeat and from being humiliated by the Philistines. His actions restored God’s rightful place as king of kings and as the only powerful God in the sight of the Israelites and the rest of the ancient world. As he was anointed to be king as a teenage boy, the prophet Samuel described David as “a man after God’s own heart”. He trusted, worshipped, and obeyed God during his teenage years. God looks at a human’s heart (not how old the person is) and selects the person for service. David was a courageous young man and trusted the Lord in his daily life. As a shepherd he fought a lion to save his sheep and he grew up to become a fine musician, an accomplished poet, able general, and the greatest king of Israel. During the most difficult time of his life while fleeing from king Saul, David trusted the Lord for his daily provisions and protection. King Saul tried to kill him several times, but God’s protection saved David from an unfair treatment by king Saul. After David assumed the throne, throughout his life he saved the treasures he owned for the construction of the temple even after God told him that his successor, Solomon, not David, will build God’s temple. Most of the expensive material used in the temple construction was saved and put aside by David for that purpose.


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