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Ethiopianyouth.com is run by volunteers as an independent information resource. It is not affiliated with any organization or group. The website is intended to provide information relevant primarily to young people of Ethiopian origin living around the world. It focuses on three perceived broad areas of need, including spiritual, college resources, and information on lifestyle. The college resources area of the website provides information on how to choose a college and a college major, introductory information on campus life, and tips for getting scholarships. The lifestyle pages are intended to provide information on a broad range of health topics, advice on nutrition, travel tips, and other relevant personal lifestyle issues. In almost every page of the website, there is a link to a forum in which young people can exchange information in the three broad areas covered by the website. Visitors to the website are encouraged to participate in the different forums by providing insightful information that would be helpful to their peers. Participants should be sensitive to others and refrain from using language that could be offensive. A general attitude of civility and respect for others should be observed while participating in the forums. Thank you for visiting www.ethiopianyouth.com!


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